As a researcher you probably know how hard it is to obtain objective, consistent, and continuous data about cognitive and emotional experiences. The quality of costly research studies of several weeks, or even months, suffer from inaccurate and inconsistent information collected via questionnaires and random spot measurements.

There is a smarter alternative available. The Moodmetric smart ring provides your research team with continuous, real-time data on the autonomic nervous system with consistent accuracy of 83%. It is a research tool that continuously measures stress levels based on the electrodermal activity of skin (EDA) and uploads the data to the cloud. The Moodmetric measurement provides you with accurate results while saving your work time and research costs.

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Moodmetric has brought the measuring of EDA from the laboratory to field research. This cost-efficient method enables research to be carried out on large groups for long periods of time. The measurement data tells especially of cognitive and emotional stress. Recently the Moodmetric smart ring has been used for, for example, research on mental load at work, customer experience, and social interaction.

The Moodmetric measurement data is easy to access

In research studies the acquisition and interpretation of data plays an important role. The Moodmetric measurement has been developed to match the needs of field research. When applying the data stored at the Moodmetric cloud, the researcher can both monitor the test persons remotely and to easily download the data any time during and after the study.

Keeping in mind the GDPR requirements is also an important aspect. The researchers and test persons have to define the use of data and how it is managed when the study is completed.

The measurement data is available in different formats

Moodmetric data can be viewed in real time on a smartphone screen. For research use the most convenient way to apply it is to first upload it to the cloud. The cloud visualizations give a quick overview on the data and help in monitoring the device use.

Research group leaders are granted access to the data of their research group only. The data can be analysed anonymously.

From the cloud service the data can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format.

What about the API and SDK?

Moodmetric API (Application Programming Interface) is available upon request. It enables viewing of the data in the Moodmetric cloud through an external platform.

The Moodmetric SDK (Software Developer Kit) makes Moodmetric real-time data available for mobile applications. The SDK is available for free download.

Is it possible to get raw data?

Yes, it is also possible to observe and store raw data. However, it is to be noted that the Moodmetric smart ring is developed for field research; collecting and analyzing raw data requires the researcher to have experience of measuring electrodermal activity in laboratory conditions. A research setting where the cloud data is used does not require prior knowledge of laboratory measurements of the electrodermal activity.

The advantages of the Moodmetric smart ring in research

  • The Moodmetric smart ring is easy to use
  • The Moodmetric smart ring collects objective data of everyday life situations with ease.
  • The measurement data is comparable between users.
  • It is easy to put together a research group as people regard the measurement interesting.
  • The mobile app collecting the data is free and participants can download it to their own phones.
  • The measurement result i.e. the Moodmetric level is robust to motional artefacts.
  • The cloud service enables remote monitoring.

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