Moodmetric Measurement is a tool for individual stress management

  • You learn to identify personal stress triggers and best ways to relieve stress
  • You find the balance between load and recovery so that you can feel well and perform better
  • You learn how recovery from positive stress is important too for your overall well-being

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Moodmetric Measurement is especially suited for recognizing psychological stress

Moodmetric Measurement helps you to identify your personal stress triggers and to find the best ways to relieve stress. You will learn to recognize your boundaries and how to respect them. By bringing your nervous system back into balance, you will have energy for both work and freetime. Moodmetric Measurement helps you to make choices for better well-being and performance.

By tracking the electrodermal activity of your skin, the Moodmetric smart ring detects psychological stress very accurately. Emotional and cognitive stressors are difficult to recognize and therefore Moodmetric Measurement is well suited for understanding stress on an individual level.

Seeing the measurement take place in real time motivates you to try stress management techniques that work best for you. Moodmetric Measurement can help you avoid chronic stress. By following the Moodmetric daily average, you will be able to track when stress is about to become chronic and it’s time to slow down.

Getting started

Taking the Moodmetric smart ring into use is easy and fast

Interpreting Moodmetric data

There are three principles to follow when interpreting Moodmetric data