Getting started with the ring is fast and easy

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Taking to use the Moodmetric smart ring

The Moodmetric smart ring is charged with a USB cable

1. Charge the Moodmetric smart ring

To locate the USB charging cable in the sales box, lift the flap holding the ring. You can start using the ring in about 2 hours after the orange charging light has turned off.

2. Download the Moodmetric app

Download the Moodmetric app to your smartphone from App Store or Google Play, free of charge. The search word is Moodmetric.

3. Make sure bluetooth is turned on

Bluetooth connection is needed when you want to follow your Moodmetric levels in real time, or when you download the data from the ring to the app.

If you have an Android device, also make sure you have turned on location services on your device. Note that Moodmetric does not collect location data.

If you have your phone in flight mode, the bluetooth connection might disconnect. Go to Menu/Select ring to refresh the connection and then return to the main view.

4. Wear the ring

You can wear the ring on any finger. Index finger, middle finger and ring finger usually are the best.

You can change the ring onto another finger or hand any time if needed.

It is worth noting that fingers react to changes in temperature. In cold temperature fingers tend to shrink and in warm temperature fingers tend to swell. At nighttime it is advisable to move the ring onto a finger where it is a bit loose.

5. Connect the Moodmetric smart ring to your phone

  • Go to the Moodmetric app Menu (a)
  • Choose Select ring (b)
  • Choose your ring Moodmetric-xxxx (c)
  • Tap Connect (d)

6. Calibrate the ring

Go to the Menu again and select your ring Moodmetric-xxxx. Tap Calibrate (e)

The ring should be calibrated only when taking the ring into use or when the user changes.

Note that calibration has succeeded when you return to the main view and the MM level is around 50. After the calibration the ring adjusts to its user in about 12 hours.

7. View the data on the Moodmetric app

The measurement has started when the purple real-time curve begins to draw on the screen. It is the signal of your body’s electrodermal activity. (f).

Tap the calendar icon (g) to transfer the data stored in the ring onto the mobile app.

Make sure the bluetooth connection is on before you do the transfer. The bluetooth connection is on when the purple curve draws continuously.

8. Charge the Moodmetric smart ring once a week

The battery lifetime of the Moodmetric smart ring is about a week. Charge the ring no later than when the battery level is 10 %. You can check the battery in the Menu.

It is recommended that you charge the battery periodically once a week.
If the ring is left unused for more than a few days, always charge the battery before taking the ring into use again.

Please note!
In most cases connectivity problems are due to low battery life.

In some phone models the low battery life of the phone impairs the use of bluetooth devices.

Please also read the instructions for interpreting the Moodmetric data.

Frequently asked questions

You can wear the Moodmetric smart ring on any finger. Note that fingers are usually of different size on different hands.

Temperature variation affects the thickness of the fingers.

You can change the ring to another finger at any time.

Fingers tend to swell during the night. It is a good idea to put the ring overnight on a finger where it feels loose.

Cold temperatures can also reduce blood circulation in fingers, causing the ring to become loose and impacting its ability to give a consistent reading.

You get the most out of the Moodmetric data when you use the ring day and night.

You can choose to conduct measurements also periodically. In this case, it is good to note that the battery may be discharged. Always charge the battery before taking the ring into use.

No. The ring is splashproof and should be removed when coming in direct contact with water, such as when washing hands, taking a shower, or swimming.

Sweating will not harm the ring, so you can wear it while doing heavy exercise.

If the ring gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.

No. The ring is a standalone device and stores the data in the memory of the Moodmetric smart ring. The data can be downloaded whenever you open the Moodmetric app and tap the calendar icon.

The Moodmetric smart ring stores data up to 24 hours. However, it is advised to download the data from the ring to the app a few times a day for the most successful data transfer.

No. The bluetooth connection has to be on only when downloading the data from the ring to the app, or when viewing the real-time Moodmetric level.

Note: If bluetooth on the phone has been turned off, it is advisable to refresh the connection between the ring and the phone by taking these steps:

  • Go to the app, Select ring and choose your ring
  • Make sure that the phone is connected to the ring by viewing what reads on the bottom left of the screen: Forget means that the connection has been successful, Connect that you need to press Connect again to try and establish the connection.
  • On some Android models, you need to reconnect each time you open the Moodmetric app. Go to your phone’s bluetooth settings and select ‘remember this device’.

If the measurement signal does not appear on the Moodmetric app, or the app does not find the ring, check the following:

  • The bluetooth of your phone is turned on
  • The location services are turned on (Android)
  • The Moodmetric smart ring is charged
  • The phone’s battery level is at least 20%
  • Your ring appears on the Select ring view of the Moodmetric app
  • If your hands are very dry, try adding some moisturizer for better skin contact
  • Cold hands or a ring too loose can cause poor skin contact

If the problem still persists,

  • Make sure that the phone is connected to the ring. Forget on the main view of the Moodmetric app means that the ring is connected to the phone, Connect that you need to press Connect again to try and establish the connection.
  • Shut down the app and open it up again
  • Plug the ring and lightly touch the band and while doing so, try to find the ring with the app (the ring signal is stronger when in charger)
  • Try to turn the bluetooth off and back on again
  • With Android phones it can take some time to form a connection, even up to one minute.
  • If location services have been turned off, you might need to restart the phone (Android).
  • On some Android models you need to reconnect each time you open the Moodmetric app. Go to your phone’s bluetooth settings and select ‘remember this device’.

Android devices require that location services are turned on. iOS devices do not require this. Moodmetric does not use location data for anything other than creating the connection.