Diary and Analytics

The diary and analytics features of the Moodmetric app help to better understand the factors increasing stress, energy and relaxation.

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Moodmetric app Diary

Diary entries

Use this app feature to better understand which factors in your life increase negative load, help recovery or bring positive energy.

You can add notes one by one or upload the calendar entries on your phone.

Tap the plus icon and then either

  • add one entry
  • import chosen entries from your phone calendar within a range of three weeks

Further define the entry with

  • Name
  • Category
  • Mood

Choose the categories according to what you want to be paying attention to just now. Often work, family and sleep are interesting to follow.

When an entry is complete, it automatically retrieves the Moodmetric level. The level updates until the event ends in the calendar. The symbol %, next to the Moodmetric level, tells you to what extent the event was measured.

You can change the entries later.



The analytics feature shows at one glance the sources of positive and negative stress. It is a clear and visual tool for managing mental load.

The Analytics view uses the diary entries to automatically form a two-dimensional view of stress and mood. This fourfold connects the measured Moodmetric level with the mood indicators you give in the Diary view of the Moodmetric app. The categories are set on the vertical axis according to the Moodmetric level and on the horizontal axis according to the mood.

The vertical axis is the Moodmetric level of 1 to 100. The higher the measured Moodmetric level, the higher the placement of the category on the axis. The horizontal axis documents the mood indicators you have given. The more often, for example, a happy face is used, the more to the right the category is positioned.

The Analytics view shows the entries per calendar month.

The Analytics view is also a two-dimensional view of workplace well-being. Read more from this article >>

Moodmetric app Analytics