What is a good amount of stress for me?

  • Stress is our body’s natural response

  • Right amount of stress keeps us in motion and motivated

  • Excessive amount may cause chronic stress

Moodmetric measurement helps you to recognize what is a good amount of stress for you

Stress is a good thing when the amount is right and you have the tools to manage it. Moodmetric Measurement helps you to understand how to balance your stress load. Learn about Moodmetric Measurement

  • You can view your stress levels on your phone in real time
  • You can easily see the issues affecting your overall stress load
  • You will find the best ways to recover
  • You learn to recognize your boundaries and to respect them
  • You will start taking steps towards better stress management and consequently avoid the build-up of chronic stress
  • You will notice that you need to recover from excitement too!

Frequently asked questions

The Moodmetric smart ring measures skin’s electrodermal activity. High Moodmetric levels tell about positive or negative stress and low levels about calmness or tiredness.

Electrodermal activity (EDA) tells about the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Other terms used are galvanic skin response (GSR) and skin conductance (SC).

The Moodmetric smart ring measures electrodermal activity with an accuracy of a laboratory device. The Moodmetric algorithm computes an easy to interpret level on a scale of 1-100.

The Moodmetric measurement is robust to motion. The level is comparable among users.

The Moodmetric smart ring is not only a tool suitable for personal stress management, but appropriate for field research too.

Smart wristbands, smart watches and smart rings measure physiological signals. Most of the technology is centered on measuring heart rate or heart rate variability. All the trackers have at least one accelerometer which is used for, for example, counting steps.

The Moodmetric smart ring measures electrodermal activity. It is designed to measure stress levels based on the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Stress can be triggered both by negative (anxiety, irritation, frustration, fear etc.) and positive (enthusiasm, excitement) emotions and reactions. The Moodmetric smart ring can be used for long-term monitoring, or for the detection of single reactions in real time.

The ring helps the user to understand their psychological (emotional and cognitive) load better. For example, intense emotions and demanding math tasks easily raise stress levels.

The Moodmetric smart ring measures electrodermal activity 24/7. The ring is therefore suitable for measuring stress and recovery both day and night. So, to improve your sleep, the Moodmetric smart ring helps you to analyse what causes stress during the day.

Physical activity or sudden peaks in stress levels do not affect the overall average MM levels. The results can be viewed on the app anytime of the day.

The Moodmetric smart ring is available in five sizes:
XS (16 mm / US 5.5)
S (17 mm / US 6)
M (18.5 mm / US 8.5)
L (20 mm / US 10)
XL (21.5 mm / US 12)

The ring can be worn on any finger. It can also be changed from one finger to another. For example, it is recommended that at nighttime you put the ring on a finger where it feels loose, because fingers normally swell a bit during sleep.

Note that finger sizes vary between your left and right hand.

The right size can be found by measuring the inner diameter of an existing ring or using a sizing chart, for example http://findmyringsize.com/.

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