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Moodmetric Group Measurement helps to manage stress as team

Moodmetric Group Measurement is a 2-week measurement period designed for organizations and teams. The measurement starts with a two-hour (2 hrs) well-being lecture. The participants follow their personal data during the measurement period and get an anonymous group report of all participants’ results at the end. Moodmetric Group Measurement gives every participant excellent tools to develop their stress management skills further.

Moodmetric Group Measurement can be carried out onsite or online.

Prevent burnout

Moodmetric data can be viewed in real time. This motivates to make choices that support individual well-being from the very first day of the measurement. Real-time measurement makes reflective and solution-oriented discussion about stress management a common, everyday activity among employees, who begin to share their experiences about the measurement. Teams and organizations receive objective feedback on their work habits.

of Moodmetric Group Measurement participants say that the Moodmetric measurement motivates them to pay attention to the balance of load and recovery.

What happens after the measurement?

A representative of occupational health often takes part in the Moodmetric measurement, and it is with them that the employee can reserve an appointment after the measurement. This assures the best possible support especially for those with high stress levels. The occupational health representative plans the needed measures with the employee in going forward.

We advise repeating Moodmetric Group Measurement once a year.

Access here the Moodmetric Handbook: How Can Companies Reduce Stress at Work

The phases of Moodmetric Group Measurement

Ryhmämittaus - Havahtuminen

1. Need

Moodmetric Measurement is a great tool for evaluating the mental load experienced by a group of people, such a team working together.

Ryhmämittaus - Valmistautuminen

2. Preparation

The practical arrangements of the measurement are agreed between Moodmetric and the company or organization.

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3. Introduction and Well-being lecture

In the beginning of the 2-week measurement period, Moodmetric provides participants with an introduction to using the ring and understanding the data. (Duration 2 hours)

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4. Measurement

The participants wear the ring for two weeks and follow in real time what causes their mental load to peak and what aids recovery, motivating them to test and adopt stress management skills best suited for them personally.

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5. Feedback

Moodmetric provides an anonymous group report of the data stored in the cloud. The report is reviewed at a feedback session online or onsite.

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6. Support

The participants can be supported by assigned healthcare professionals in their efforts to interpret the data from Moodmetric Measurement as well as changing their daily habits.

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