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Use of data

The Moodmetric smart ring measures in the same way continuously, around the clock. The data can be followed in real time on a smartphone screen. The ring also stores the data, so the phone does not need to be near the user at all times. The user downloads the measurement data from the ring to the app twice a day.

The data is available in different formats, also as raw data. It is to be noted that the Moodmetric smart ring is developed for field research; collecting and analyzing raw data requires the researcher to have experience of measuring electrodermal activity in laboratory conditions. A research setting where the minute average value of the Moodmetric level is used does not require prior knowledge of laboratory measurements of the electrodermal activity.

1. From the cloud service in CSV or Excel format

  • Recommended way to collect data in field research.
  • One sample per minute is stored in the Moodmetric cloud.
  • The data is first stored in the ring memory and transferred via bluetooth to the app about twice a day.
  • If the Moodmetric cloud connection is enabled, the data is uploaded to the cloud automatically every couple of hours.

The CSV report gives among others parameters SCR/min and SCL. Read more below from the downloadable guides.

2. Moodmetric API (application programming interface)

  • Available upon request.
  • Moodmetric API enables viewing of the data in the Moodmetric cloud through an external platform.

3. Moodmetric SDK (Software Developer Kit)

  • Makes Moodmetric real-time data available for mobile applications
  • The SDK is available for download for free here >>

4. Raw data

  • The Moodmetric smart ring measures at a rate of 3 samples / second. Applying the raw data is comparable to that of EDA data measured in a laboratory.
    The Moodmetric smart ring does not store raw data, but it can be streamed from the ring to a Windows PC via a bluetooth low energy dongle. The data can also be stored on a PC.
    Download the instructions, the dongle type and drivers
    here >>
  • Read also the SDK documentation (above) as background information

Before starting on any measurements, management of any personal data needs to adhere to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please refer to our Data Privacy Policy for information about the use of data stored in the Moodmetric cloud.

Downloadable guides for researchers

White Paper – Summary of electrodermal activity measurement and the Moodmetric technology with references

Moodmetric – Scientific background with references

Moodmetric measurement in research use

Moodmetric in Research – Introduction

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  • Moodmetric Cloud Service in Research
  • Moodmetric – Managing research groups

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