The Moodmetric smart ring measures psychological load and recovery in real time

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Moodmetric Measurement helps to assess psychological load

Chronic stress is difficult to recognize. The role of emotional and cognitive stress in overall health is not always understood.

With Moodmetric Measurement your customers learn to identify their individual patterns of stress and recovery and can adopt stress management skills best suited to them personally.

Technology and data for preventing chronic stress-related illnesses

The Moodmetric smart ring measures the reactions of the autonomic nervous system in real time, but it can also be used for long-term monitoring. The fluctuation of stress levels can easily be seen on the Moodmetric mobile app. The aim of Moodmetric Measurement is to make your customers aware of the issues affecting their well-being and encourage them to actively seek ways to prevent the build-up of chronic stress.

The Moodmetric smart ring measures stress levels – in motion and at rest – with an accuracy of a laboratory device.

Moodmetric technology and services are effective tools for healthcare and well-being professionals looking for ways to help customers avoid chronic stress.