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The Moodmetric smart ring is an easy to use tool for stress management

Color options: green, black, grey and plum.
(Colors below might differ from the actual product)


  • XS – 16mm – US5.5
  • S – 17mm – US6
  • M – 18.5mm – US8.5
  • L – 20mm – US10
  • XL – 21.5mm – US12

Information on the ring and answers to frequently asked questions from page technology >>

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The Moodmetric smart ring is available in five sizes:
XS (16 mm / US 5.5)
S (17 mm / US 6)
M (18.5 mm / US 8.5)
L (20 mm / US 10)
XL (21.5 mm / US 12)

The ring can be worn on any finger. It can also be changed from one finger to another. For example, it is recommended that at nighttime you put the ring on a finger where it feels loose, because fingers normally swell a bit during sleep.

Note that finger sizes vary between your left and right hand.

The right size can be found by measuring the inner diameter of an existing ring or using a sizing chart, for example http://findmyringsize.com/.

You can wear the Moodmetric smart ring on any finger. Note that fingers are usually of different size on different hands.

Temperature variation affects the thickness of the fingers.

You can change the ring to another finger at any time.

Fingers tend to swell during the night. It is a good idea to put the ring overnight on a finger where it feels loose.

Cold temperatures can also reduce blood circulation in fingers, causing the ring to become loose and impacting its ability to give a consistent reading.

The Moodmetric app works on iOS and Android phones.

Note: With some Android phones establishing the connection might be very slow.

Note: Due to the variation how different Android devices handle the technologies used in the Moodmetric smart ring, from time to time we discover compatibility issues with certain phones. At the moment the following phone manufacturers may not be compatible with the Moodmetric smart ring: OnePlus, Xiaomi