Moodmetric Measurement recognizes mental load

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Moodmetric provides individuals, companies, researchers and healthcare professionals with a metric for measuring stress

Moodmetric Measurement helps to recognize the stressors and relaxing factors of life. The Moodmetric app shows laboratory level data in real-time and in a user-friendly format.

How can I get Moodmetric Measurement?

  • You can measure independently with your own ring. Place the order at our webshop.
  • Ask for your employer for the opportunity to take part in Moodmetric Group Measurement!


Get your own Moodmetric smart ring at our webshop

The Moodmetric smart ring is available at 186€ (vat 0%). For orders of more than 10 rings, ask for a quotation: Delivery time within the EU is about 2 weeks.

Order the Moodmetric smart ring