Stress is a good thing, it is a driving force keeping us active and productive. However, excessive strain can lead to overload. Chronic stress is a state where stress outweighs recovery. The autonomic nervous system is off balance and the body is continuously in a state of alarm.

Chronic stress and several physical and psychological illnesses are clearly linked. Stress is often the underlying reason for burnout. Overload is difficult to recognize because it builds up over a long period of time. The feeling of not being able to cope can still be a taboo which results in people seeking help too late. According to research, even 60-80% of visits to the doctor have a connection with stress (Nerurkar et al. 2013). Every fourth employee suffers from work-related stress at some point of their working life.

In this fifth part of our article series we discuss the Moodmetric measurement benefits at preventive occupational health care.

Electrodermal activity and stress

The Moodmetric smart ring is one of the first devices on the market to measure easily and reliably long-term stress. It is done by interpreting the phenomenon of electrodermal activity which is especially sensitive to changes in emotional and cognitive stress. It is able to measure stress accurately in a particular context. This helps us to identify what causes stress and why. This makes the Moodmetric smart ring a great tool for managing stress, especially for knowledge workers.

The Moodmetric smart ring is easy to use and the measurement results can be observed in real time on a mobile app. For a good overview, it is recommended that the ring is worn for at least a period of two weeks. Using the ring and its data can be well incorporated into everyday life, for as long as it is needed.

The Moodmetric measurement is real-time, informative and accurate, with the ring being easy and comfortable to use. The data is represented in visual form on a mobile app and the real-time view enables immediate actions. This is very important when aiming for behavioral changes. Corrective actions can be applied into practice right away.

According to customer feedback, the data accumulated by the Moodmetric smart ring helps to better recognize individual sources of stress and recovery. The data motivates one to take concrete actions.

Moodmetric provides new services for preventive occupational health care

Cost for corporations and individual suffering due to mental load and burnouts increase continuously. Good thing is that there is more and more public discussion around the topic. Also organization leaders take the issue seriously and employee mental well-being plans are being developed.

Preventive health care has limited selection of tools to offer to help to avoid chronic stress. At the same time they have more and more customers seeking help in managing their stress overload. Additionally they have customers whose physical health issues are clearly stress related. Moodmetric Measurement is a simple tool to get objective data of a person’s stress levels. It is especially suited for knowledge workers with heavy cognitive and emotional load.

Well-being technology can motivate individuals to take an active role in enhancing their own health. The Moodmetric mission is to prevent health issues and related costs caused by stress to individuals, businesses and communities.

Read more about Cost of work related stress at our article published at link HIMSS Europe conference site in June 2019.

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